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The School of Professional and Continuing Education offers professional course’s certificates; courses for graduate school preparation, professional advancement, or personal enrichment; and structured programs for graduate school or college preparation, all designed for busy adults, with option online.

In today's fast-paced world, it pays to be up to date with the latest techniques - and to be confident in your ability to apply them effectively. That's why we at the School of Professional and Continuing Education have designed a variety of skills short courses, developed to match fresh perspectives with established practical skills.

The School of Professional and Continuing Education offers:

Short Courses

Short Courses

The online short courses are 2 weeks in length and require no textbooks or prerequisites, the student will have online account to access the study material.   The Courses Run Every Monday, Registration Deadline is Every Wednesday 

Marketing Strategies and Operations

This 2-week online course provides an introduction to the purpose, processes and methodologies of marketing management at strategic and operational levels. The student will explore campaign planning,...

Developing Management Skills

2-week online course in Developing Management Skills. The course is for those aspiring to management positions to learn and improve their skills, for the benefit of themselves and their businesses......

Project Management Essentials

2-week online course will discuss the fundamental principles of project managing. It will also discuss the tools and techniques that you need to help achieve your goals. The course looks at the fundam...

Digital Marketing Strategies & Social Networks

Traditional marketing has always been about the 4Ps: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. This course will examine how the digital revolution has transformed all of the above, and augmented them with...

Leadership Development

Leadership is about change: being able to make things happen with, and through, other people. Yet the world within which leaders operate is complex, dynamic, and unpredictable. As you rise in your car...

Negotiating Effectively

Whether you need to reach an agreement, bargain, or influence others, this 2-week short course will develop your negotiation skills so you’re able to communicate confidently. This online short cours...

Business Strategy for Managers

Managing people effectively requires a basic understanding of human nature—your own and others’—and of the dynamic, complex world around you. It can be learned—as can the communication skills...

Strategic Thinking

A successful strategy relies on clear leadership choices, based on a deep understanding of strategic context and company ambition. The course will explore the complete strategy process. It builds on t...

Event Management

The online short course will equip participants with essential knowledge and skills needed to excel within each stage of the event management process. The course provides the tools and comprehensive e...

Nutrition and Health

This course will provide basic and specialized knowledge to individuals within the nutritional/natural products field (retail, fitness or clinical setting) in order to enhance their knowledge and cred...

Hospitality Management

This online short course will explore the role of Customer Service, personnel and Hospitality Management. Participants will be able to analyze and evaluate the policies and principles that best promot...

Leadership Roles in Health

This online short course is designed to provide participants with an overview of contemporary thought on leadership, the leader's role, and to explore applications of that role. [yt_heading style="mod...


This course will help participants examine how the Internet is rapidly becoming one of the primary communications, marketing, and commercial mediums for businesses in almost every industry, and how ma...

Fashion Business

The online short-course will introduce participants to the business side of the fashion industry. Participants will be learning the fundamentals of the design process, branding, promotion and marketin...

Small Business Management

This online 2-week short course will start by discussing building on new venture creation which takes a new small business from the planning stage to start-up, participants will examine how to success...

The Long-Term Benefits of Short Courses

Today’s fast-paced and bustling world requires the modern worker to become a jack-of-all-trades. But, rather than spending a lifetime studying degrees and higher qualifications, short courses can give you the opportunity to update your skill set in only a fraction of the time.

Ranging from one day to one year, short courses are perfect if you’re looking to formalize your skills gained in the workplace or build upon your qualifications gained through university. They can be the key to unlocking job prospects, promotions or new career ventures – and they’ll do wonders for your creativity!

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