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Welcome to the American Vision University (AVU), where we offer the most diverse programs regarding online education for students all across the world. Our online university has created the much needed flexibility in distance learning programs which students are always in the search of. At AVU, you can earn your online university degree while sitting back home with all the personal attention and support that you need.

AVU was established in Southern California, USA for the sole purpose of meeting educational needs of adults who are unable to attend educational institutions because of professional, financial or personal constraints. We, at AVU, recognized the fact that work, lack of accessibility and personal obligations were proving to be an obstacle for degree seeking adults and therefore our team worked hard on solutions that could remove those hindrances.

Our Philosophy

At AVU, we believe that by providing better opportunities of earning a college degree for working and underserved students, we are creating a valuable workforce for the country. AVU’s philosophy is based on following points:

  1. Accessibility to Education –Students shouldn’t be categorized according to their entrance exam scores or the essays that they submit.Instead, they should be tested on the basis of what they’ve learned.
  2. Flexible Scheduling – Instead of operating on a semester or a quarter time frame basis, our university offers a flexible class schedule for its students who can get started right away as soon as they enroll with AVU.
  3. Practitioner Faculty – Our faculty members don’t just bring an advanced degree with them to the classroom. In fact, they also bring years of experience and lessons learnt over time which helps them to shape their students better.
  4. Advanced Curriculum Design – Degree programs at AVU are designed in such a way so that quality education is provided to students and the best outcomes can be expected from the students.

What We Have to Offer

AVU responded to this question by streamlining access of interested students to high quality education portals by making use of advanced technology. Our mission has always been to provide the best online education and today, AVU, has become a reputed name amongst students and working individuals of the world when it comes to getting online education. We provide Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral online university degrees through distance learning methodologies in subjects like; business, computing, psychology and many more.

At AVU, We Believe In

  1. Facilitating cognitive and effective student learning through knowledge, skills, and valuesand then promote the use of that acquired knowledge in the student's life.
  2. Developing a sense of competence in our students when it comes to communication, collaboration and critical thinking so as to enhance further opportunities for them.
  3. Using technology for creating effective modes of instruction which can help us to expand access of our learning resources for an improved student learning platform.
  4. Being organized as an institution which fosters a spirit of innovation that strives to provide academic service, excellence and convenience for students worldwide.

At AVU, we make sure that our students get the best online education experience and for that we have appointed the most experienced and elite online university staff. Our faculty comprises of leaders of various realms like; business, education, industry, healthcare etc. Each faculty member was selected for his/her academic achievements, professional expertise and real-world experience. Join AVU today, and shape your tomorrow with our online degree courses.

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  • Tustin, CA92780, USA
  • 1 (949)-501-3701
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