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ITCP 121 - Introduction to Programming of Object Oriented Notions Using Java


This course introduces the fundamental computer programming and the basic object oriented programming concepts using Java. Some topics include, the primary concepts in the object-oriented programming approach, programs using the control structures of fundamental structured programming, writing a simple Java class for an object-oriented application An elementary understanding of computing and the use of computers are required.

The learning outcomes of this course are:

  • Explaining the concepts in object-oriented programming
  • Outlining the control structures of structures programming
  • Citing the Java documentation
  • Using Java-supplied classes
  • Writing programs using the object-oriented programming approach

Textbook: Introduction to Programming Using Java David J. Eck Hobart and William Smith Colleges Version 6.0, June 2011 (Version 6.0.3, with minor corrections, January 2014)
Pre-Requisites: None

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