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Bachelor of Arts in Arabic and Islamic Studies

A major in Arabic and Islamic Studies will enable students to develop the communicative proficiency necessary to function as a competent, culturally literate user of Arabic. To train students to be informed mediators between their cultures and the Arab world. This degree will link the competence in Arabic with the knowledge of the language’s many histories and contexts. Students will familiarize themselves with a background about Arab history, culture, politics, literature, geography, and intellectual life that they are able to explore the Arab world in an independent and critical way. It will provide students with the skills to use Arabic in a range of scholarly, professional and public contexts with speakers of Arabic.

The Learning Outcomes:

  • Graduates should be able to engage in discussions of a range of topics related to their particular professional interests
  • Students will have the ability to communicate effectively, navigating both the texture of subject matter—from the topical and concrete to the abstract and theoretical—and its register, whether colloquial or formal
  • Students will be able to express themselves clearly—presenting and analyzing ideas, arguing points of view and considering other views, as well as commenting on Arabic books and lectures they have encountered
  • Students will produce written texts that present, analyze, narrate, and explain current topics in a culturally informed way. This will include the ability to speak knowledgeably in Arabic on a range of subjects, whether of their own cultures or of the Arab world
  • Graduates will have such a command of the language that it will allow them to express their ideas, arguing for points of view while deliberating other views in a culturally meaningful way
  • Graduates will have enough familiarity with a variety of traditions from the Arab world that they will feel comfortable directly citing Arabic sources from film to music and poetry to religious texts
  • Students will have the necessary tools to grapple effectively with Arabic-language scholarship dealing with subjects such as media, literature, linguistics, and Islamic sciences
  • Such skills will include note taking, strategies for identifying relevant information, analyzing and giving summaries in Arabic
  • Students will also command a basic competence in translating Arabic texts in the fields of their professional interests

Total Program Required Credits: 120 Credits

  • Core Courses Credits (30 Credits)
  • Elective courses Credits (60 Credits)
  • General Education Credits (30 Credits)

Core Courses

  • TAJW 101 - Tajweed I | 3 credits
  • FIQA 110 – Fiqh I | 3 credits
  • AENA 115 – Seerah Nabawiya 1 | 3 credits
  • AQED 231 – Aqeedah I | 3 credits
  • HADE 320 - Hadeeth I: Terminology | 3 credits
  • TAJW 232 – Tajweed II | 3 credits
  • FIQA 350 – Fiqah II | 3 credits
  • TAFS 215 – Tafser I | 3 credits
  • AQED 410 - Aqeedah II | 3 credits
  • TAFS499 -Tafser II | 3 credits

Electives Courses

General Education

Applications are processed on a rolling basis and applicants are usually informed of the admissions decision within a few weeks of the time the completed application is received.

Candidates for admission should request an application from the Office of Admissions or complete the online application. Admissions counselors are available to answer questions and offer assistance to prospective students. We welcome all students regardless of race, gender, age, national origin, religious preference, sexual orientation, status as a veteran, or disability.

Admissions decisions are based on the following criteria:

A completed application will include:

  • An official high school transcript
  • Teacher or counselor recommendation
  • A 250-word, untimed essay
  • Students who have not completed four years of high school should have an official GED record forwarded to the Admissions Office

Transfer Students

We recognize the special needs of transfer students and welcomes applications from students who are considering transferring to our school. Students are admitted from other accredited junior and senior colleges and universities, provided that they are in good academic and disciplinary standing at the time of transfer. Courses assigned a grade of C or better will be reviewed for transfer credit, however transfer credit is evaluated individually by the dean of each division. High school records and college transcripts sent to the Admissions Office must be official and complete.

International Students

International students are a valued part of our student body. International students from non-English speaking countries are required to submit the results of their TOEFL examination or to take AVU English Language assessment test in addition to the above requirements.

* AVU reserves the right to accept students on a conditional basis if one or more of the above mentioned requirements are not met upon admission. However, any deficiencies must be remedied within four months from the program start date.

American Vision University was founded with a vision of making exceptional quality education affordable and convenient for students who are juggling career/family obligations. We abide by that vision strongly even today and this is the sole reason why we are able to offer unmatched value of education at an extremely affordable fee that stays the same

Tuition Fees: Bachelor tuition fee per credit: $200.00 USD 120 credits are required to complete the program Total tuition fees: $24,000 USD (4 years)

Payment Options

Full Tuition Payment: The student has the option to pay for the degree program in a single payment by the date of registration. If this is not possible, a financial plan is available.

Term-by-Term Payment Plan: This option offer students a way to make four equal payments over the course of the semester. The first payment will be taken at the time of enrollment. The three remaining payments are automatically withdrawn from the students account in equal installments over the course of the semester and are scheduled by/with the Enrollment Advisor. This plan offers for students to finance their education while earning their degree. By avoiding college student loans, students can ideally graduate with zero debt.


  • We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express.
  • We also accept cash payment upfront and in full for your registered courses
  • We accept bank wire transfers. Wire fees may apply, please check with your bank. Student Accounts Department can provide the SWIFT details.
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