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BS Health Care Administration

This healthcare administration degree gives you understanding of healthcare systems, policy, research and management. It will also give the students the ability to apply this knowledge to daily situations. The significant objective of this program is to guarantee that students are able to use analytical and research techniques in order to evaluate and go on to influence the effectiveness, equity and efficiency of health policies and different healthcare systems.

The learning outcomes:

  • Understanding of health as a complex social construct
  • Knowledge and respect the diverse values, beliefs, contributions, and health care needs of all populations and communities
  • Understanding the importance of passion, commitment and enthusiasm for health care administration in a variety of settings including locally and globally
  • Introducing students to the historical, theoretical, and practical framework of community development
  • Examining the effectiveness of the community development process in addressing the social and economic needs faced by people
  • Showing an understanding of the financial and managerial concepts of non-profit organizations
  • Understanding a broad overview of the health-care field and health issues, and explore the nature and causes of major health-care problems
  • Being responsive to the needs of the consumer and promote and influence positive relations with all stakeholders
  • Managing and allocating human, financial and information resources
  • Effectively assess and analyze problem-solving method
  • Assessing, planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating organizational objectives
  • Providing direction and guidance in setting professional, legal and ethical standards that have an impact on the organization
  • Managing and supervising the human resources divisions of organizations
  • Developing strategies to work with government agencies

Total Program Required Credits: 120 Credits

  • Core Courses Credits (30 Credits)
  • Elective courses Credits (60 Credits)
  • General Education Credits (30 Credits)


Core Courses

HCA 104 - Economics of Health Care | 3 credits
HCA 105 - Health Issues: Health and Healing | 3 credits
HCA 110 - Community Health Planning | 3 credits
HCA 202 - Health Policy | 3 credits
HCA 210 - Introduction to Epidemiology | 3 credits
HCA 250 - Health Care Law | 3 credits
HCA 330 - Risk Management and Safety in Health Services | 3 credits
HCA 345 - Human Resources Management in Health Care | 3 credits
HCA 401 - Health Service Research Methods | 3 credits
HCA 405 - Organization of Health Care System | 3 credits

Electives Courses

ECON 101 - Introduction to microeconomics | 3 credits
ECON 102 - Introduction to macroeconomics | 3 credits
BUSI 122 - Supply Chain Management | 3 credits
COMP 124 - Information Systems Analysis and Design | 3 credits
BUSI 243 - Customer Relationship Management | 3 credits
BUSI 237 - International Business | 3 credits
ACC 211 - Managerial Accounting | 3 credits
BEHA 210 - Organizational Behavior | 3 credits
BUSI 231 - Business Law | 3 credits
BUSI 274 - Human Resource Management | 3 credits
BUSI 209 - Financial Management | 3 credits
BUSI 207 - Project Management | 3 credits
HEAL 101 - Introduction to Human Health (I) | 3 credits
HEAL 104 - Introduction to Human Health (II) | 3 credits
HEAL 217 - Public Policy for Health and Society | 3 credits
BUSI 277 - Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior | 3 credits
STAT 203 - Quantitative Methods in Health Sciences | 3 credits
HEAL 276 - Mental Health and Illness | 3 credits
HEAL 299 - Health Care Leadership | 3 credits
HEAL 388 - Healthcare Decision Making | 3 credits
HEAL 375 - Improvement, Creativity and Innovation | 3 credits
BIO 101 - An Introduction to the Biology of Organisms | 3 credits
BIO 120 - Introduction to Microbiology | 3 credits
CHM 130 - General Chemistry I | 3 credits
NFS 203 - Nutrition & Health | 3 credits
NFS 250 - Nutrition and Disease | 3 credits
HEAL 119 - Introduction to Health Information Technology | 3 credits
HEAL 127 - Human Anatomy | 3 credits
HEAL 155 - Biochemistry and Human Health | 3 credits
HEAL 450 - Principles of Health Database Design | 3 credits
HEAL 266 - Database Management and Development for Health Care Systems | 3 credits
HEAL 289 - Organizational Behavior and Change Management | 3 credits
HEAL 333 - Legal Issues in Health Informatics | 3 credits
HEAL 396 - Health Systems Data Analysis | 3 credits
HEAL 316 - Human Factors in Healthcare | 3 credits
HEAL 190 - Health and Society | 3 credits
HEAL 180 - Current Issues in Health and Community Services | 3 credits
HEAL 280 - Evolution of Health and Community Services | 3 credits

General Education

ENG 101 - Critical Reading and Writing | 3 credits
ENG 110 - Writing in Organizations | 3 credits
PSY 106 - Introduction to Psychology | 3 credits
Math 206 - Introduction to Mathematical Logic | 3 credits
COMP 101 - Introduction to Computer Science | 3 credits
COMP 202 - Management Information Systems | 3 credits
COMM 106 - Interpersonal Communication | 3 credits
PHIL 102 - Critical Thinking | 3 credits
PHIL 201 - Professional Ethics | 3 credits
POLI 100 - Introduction to International Politics | 3 credits

Applications are processed on a rolling basis and applicants are usually informed of the admissions decision within a few weeks of the time the completed application is received.

Candidates for admission should request an application from the Office of Admissions or complete the online application. Admissions counselors are available to answer questions and offer assistance to prospective students. We welcome all students regardless of race, gender, age, national origin, religious preference, sexual orientation, status as a veteran, or disability.

Admissions decisions are based on the following criteria:

A completed application will include:

  • An official high school transcript
  • Teacher or counselor recommendation
  • A 250-word, untimed essay
  • Students who have not completed four years of high school should have an official GED record forwarded to the Admissions Office

Transfer Students

We recognize the special needs of transfer students and welcomes applications from students who are considering transferring to our school. Students are admitted from other accredited junior and senior colleges and universities, provided that they are in good academic and disciplinary standing at the time of transfer. Courses assigned a grade of C or better will be reviewed for transfer credit, however transfer credit is evaluated individually by the dean of each division. High school records and college transcripts sent to the Admissions Office must be official and complete.

International Students

International students are a valued part of our student body. International students from non-English speaking countries are required to submit the results of their TOEFL examination or to take AVU English Language assessment test in addition to the above requirements.

* AVU reserves the right to accept students on a conditional basis if one or more of the above mentioned requirements are not met upon admission. However, any deficiencies must be remedied within four months from the program start date.

American Vision University was founded with a vision of making exceptional quality education affordable and convenient for students who are juggling career/family obligations. We abide by that vision strongly even today and this is the sole reason why we are able to offer unmatched value of education at an extremely affordable fee that stays the same

Tuition Fees:
Bachelor tuition fee per credit: $200.00 USD
120 credits are required to complete the program
Total tuition fees: $24,000 USD (4 years)

Payment Options

Full Tuition Payment:
The student has the option to pay for the degree program in a single payment by the date of registration. If this is not possible, a financial plan is available.

Term-by-Term Payment Plan:
This option offer students a way to make four equal payments over the course of the semester. The first payment will be taken at the time of enrollment. The three remaining payments are automatically withdrawn from the students account in equal installments over the course of the semester and are scheduled by/with the Enrollment Advisor. This plan offers for students to finance their education while earning their degree. By avoiding college student loans, students can ideally graduate with zero debt.


  • We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express.
  • We also accept cash payment upfront and in full for your registered courses
  • We accept bank wire transfers. Wire fees may apply, please check with your bank. Student Accounts Department can provide the SWIFT details.

Student Application Form
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