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HCA 405 - Organization of Health Care System


This course will discuss the health care system in this country. We gain much of our knowledge through personal experience, using a number of health care services through our lifetimes. It is also unlikely that our friends and family members have entirely escaped the need for health care. Knowledge can also be gained by working in the health care system, or by studying various health-related topics. Finally, most of us have read or heard media reports on development in the health care system.

The learning outcomes of this course are:

  • Understanding how the system works for all types of people
  • Discussing issues and problems within the system
  • Comparing health care systems from around the world

Pre-Requisites: HCA 401

Textbook: Shortell and Kaluzny's Healthcare Management: Organization Design and Behavior Hardcover – January 21, 2011 by Lawton Burns (Author), Elizabeth Bradley (Author), Bryan Weiner (Author)

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