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COMP 124 - Information Systems Analysis and Design


This course is the study of concepts, processes and tools that professionals use to plan and develop information systems to industry. This industry continues to establish Systems Analysis tradition. It also provides the foundation for all development credentials in the School of Computing. Students learn how to ask implicit questions, to create and document communication plans and to make better decisions prior to creating an information system.

The learning outcomes of this course are:

  • Explaining and using the various phases of the SLDC, Software Development Life Cycle
  • Describing some of the key features in current trends in system development: RAD, RUP, Agile & BPM, Business Process Management
  • Explaining the term "Agile Software Development"
  • Discovering and defining system requirements using the appropriate technique(s)
  • Developing use case diagrams and scenario descriptions
  • Reading, interpreting and developing models that can be incorporated with Business Process Management
  • Explaining how to Use Case Modelling
  • Developing a project schedule using PERT and GANTT charts
  • Constructing a cost benefit analysis to determine the feasibility of a project
  • Identifying and analyzing the data entities and objects needed in a system using both Information Engineering and OO techniques with UML
  • Designing a technical architecture system "blueprint"
  • Designing appropriate user interfaces following Human Engineering design principles
  • Identifying the required integrity controls for inputs, outputs, data and processing

Pre-Requisites: None

Textbook: Information Systems Analysis and Design Paperback – Jan 1 2012
by Shouhong Wang (Author), Hai Wang (Author)

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