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Credit Transfer

There are many students who end up completing their college degree at different schools. No matter what the reason is, it’s perfectly common for students to change their campuses. However, students must understand that every class transfer will not help them land a brick-and-mortar college which means they could end up wasting their time if they aren’t careful. For making a switch, it’s important for you to know all the ins and outs of the credit transfer process.

How Students Can Benefit With Our Credit Transfer Process?

We, at AVU, realized that students have to often switch their college/university for some reason or the other due to which their studies get affected. Students, therefore, are in a lookout of an easy credit transfer process which can value the hard work of their previous years and prevent them from wasting their valuable time. Our experts thus streamlined the entire credit transfer process and made it as student-friendly as possible.

Credit Transfer Process

For strengthening your eligibility for the credit transfer process in American Vision University, we encourage you to:

  1. Acquire your course catalog in which you plan to transfer.
  2. Request copies of transcript(s) from previously attended institutes.
  3. Determine the chances of the course duplication along with the rest of the courses needed for your graduation.
  4. Fill a transfer application which can generally be found on the school’s website.
  5. Submit the application with additional material to the board for a review.

AVU’s Credit Transfer Requirements

Following is a list of requirements which rules the process of transferring academic credits to American Vision University:

  1. Transcripts–We, at Vision, require your previous transcripts to be directly sent from your Registrar of your previous college/university to us for review and evaluation.
  2. Accepting Transfer Credits–Vision University will accept transfer credits from other universities only if they are:
  1. Regionally accredited.
  2. Have national, specialized or professional accreditation which in turn is recognized by The U.S. Dept. of Education.
  3. Approved by a foreign nation's Minister of Education.

Why We Accept Credits From an Accredited University?

We, at AVU, very well comprehend the priorities of students due to which they have to leave their studies in the middle. However, realizing the worth of that unfinished education is what really matters. Vision University has the necessary provisions which make the credit transfer process from all accredited varsities around the world easier so that our students can complete their education and head towards a bright future.

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