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Welcome to AVU Business School

Please take a look at our course offerings to try and get an idea of the program and the level you wish to follow. As our programs are offered at various academic levels, acceptance onto the Bachelor, Master or PhD will be based on your previous educational qualifications.


AS in Business Administration

This is a 2-year program designed to prepare you for success in all aspects of business. After successful completion of this program you will be prepared for employment in the nonprofit, commercial and public sectors of the global economy. This degree will give you a broad knowledge and understanding of all of the functional aspects of business and companies.

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BS in Business Administration

This program will expose students to general and specialized content through core courses and electives. Graduates of this program will also obtain skills, attributes and knowledge needed to manage themselves and business relationships. They will also gain a global perspective on business.

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Master of Business Administration (MBA)

This program will provide students with a very comprehensive overview of Business Administration. The Faculty of Business Administration is dedicated to the concept that there exists a common set of administrative techniques, skills and knowledge which is applicable to business organizations.

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Doctor of Philosophy in Management (PhD)

The student’s program of study includes the coursework, projects and other educational activities to prepare the student for the successful completion of the doctoral comprehensive examination and for the development, implementation and defense of the doctoral dissertation. The program of study for the Ph.D. in Management is determined largely by the concentration area selected by the student.

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Doctor of Business administration (DBA)

This Doctorate in Business Administration focuses on investigating practical business and managerial issues through understanding building, critique, and the methodical presentation of pertinent theories as well as research to management practice. It is intended for those who want to make a direct impact on their administrations, industry and communities by improving management practice. It is a research-based qualification..

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